Troels Andersen, born 1981

See his available work here.

With this exhibition Troels Andersen has returned to his native heath; he was born in Hørsholm in 1981. After studying graphic design at the School of Visual Communication he started out as an independent graphic designer and art director, his clients being mainly from the fashion and lifestyle industry.


Troels Andersen’s canvases have been displayed in No Mans Art Gallery in Copenhagen and Cape Town, he has exhibited with Danish-based art and culture curator Kurato in Copenhagen and he has had his own pop-up art gallery at Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen, in the summer of 2012. Furthermore, he has exhibited several times during Copenhagen Fashion Week.


This young artist embraces the flamboyant; his style is unique, figurative and expressionistic. His canvases hold a fusion of form and color with powerful sensitiveness in every stroke. He finds his inspiration in his everyday life; lovers, friends, the frenzied city life with its daily rush and nightly pumping beats of the clubs, and he delicately displays everyday emotions like fear, lust and desire.

It’s an exposed nerve that never heals, a life never fully lived, and a heart never satisfied.

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