Lars Olrik, born 1964.

See Lars Olrik's available work in the gallery here.

Lars Olrik prefers working with tools like knife and sponge using Winsor & Newton/Maimeri acrylic, oil and tempera colours along side with natural materials like salt and sand. 

In his paintings Lars explores an abstract universe that typically revolves around themes like nature, architecture and warmth/coldness.

Formats vary from 10 x 10 to 200 x 200 centimetres.

Commissioned assignments respecting the customers individual preference of color, structure and style are accepted.


Latest exhibitions:

• Microsoft Denmark

• Center For Familiepleje in Copenhagen.

• Birkerød Idrætscenter

• The Main Library in Rudersdal

• Tieto IT Consultants A/S

• Grubbe & Partners Lawyers ApS

• Marsh A/S

• Nordea Bank A/S

• Agrovi A/S

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